Not So Fast After All

I was in California a few weeks ago visiting family, particularly  my cousins who I haven’t been in a long while. It makes me feel old that they have kids now, but that’s okay because it is such a blessing to see my (extended) family growing and growing!

The trip was a little challenging to me because I have family who live in the Los Angeles area and the San Diego area. I had this brilliant idea of renting a car to freely move about between the two major SOCAL cities to see my cousins.
OH! But such danger it is to be a single, engineer who has the power to rent cars!
What made my brilliant idea even more radiant is that I decided to rent a convertible to traverse the streets of California with the top down! (#BucketList)
My loyal steed during my trip: a 2014 white Mustang convertible.
I think I was driving in California completely wrong. How is it that I, in the fast car, wasn’t driving fast enough?
I knew something was going horribly wrong when 30+ Prii (Prius, plural) passed me during my 4 days in southern California…
And suddenly the notion of humility became very real to me.

– JD

Prius photo courtesy of Wikipedia