A Religious Sister Rockin’ Out On THE VOICE (IT)

I saw this floating around in the Catholic blogosphere and other Cath social medias (be sure to turn on the captions, which you might need to click the YouTube button in the corner below to actually go to YouTube to do so):

Incredible! I just loved the judges’ reactions when they hit the buzzer to turn their chairs around to see who was singing. They totally didn’t expect it to be a religious sister. I also really loved just her absolute joy in having this opportunity to share her God-given gift of singing so well!

Looking at the judges’ comments and the crowd’s reaction, you can tell that they were touched and amazed by this performance. Psh, even blog site Jezebel, which isn’t necessarily a friend of the Catholic Church (both authors and commenters) agreed!

There’s something about Beauty that resonates within us as human beings. When we encounter something objectively beautiful,  we are moved. That beauty points to something greater (as beauty is meant to), and Sr. Cristina is a beautiful witness to that. Seeing her and her fellow sisters rootin’ for her really gives me a sense of what real Catholic joy is.

So, the title of my blog is “En Fuego”. Sr. Cristina is being who God created her to be…she’s being herself as God created her…and this is audio/visual proof of her setting the world on fire.

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– JD

Picture of Raffaella Carra surprised from Melty.it
Picture of joyful nuns from Jezebel