Currently Reading: The Lord of the Rings

Yes, I’m terribly behind. Yes, the movies came out like over ten years ago. Yes, I finally own it thanks to the miracle that is Kindle.

I’m enjoying it because I’m a fan of those epic journey stories. Currently, Frodo and friends are still trying to escape Black Riders and are on the fringes of the Shire. I guess I never fully appreciated that hobbits love to sing for it almost seams like every chapter (for now) has a merry song included within. When will the Lord of the Rings musical come out? Haha.

Again, I’m reading this for fun because I’ve read too many books for Catholic intellectual and spiritual pursuits.

Though, I’m curious what Catholic truths Tolkien has either purposely or not purposely woven through this journey. But, that’s not like…a deal breaker in terms of enjoying the story. For funsies! That’s all. Because I’m a nerd like that.

We’ll see.

Just because.

– JD

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