St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies

Happy “Heresy” Sunday!
Today the Church celebrates the feast of the Most Holy Trinity!
Understanding God as Trinitarian is so central to Christian dogma but explaining and understanding it can be difficult. It’s one of those “mysteries” of our faith that we cannot fully comprehend in this life. And it’s actually pretty easy to get it wrong, and that’s why today is sometimes jokingly called “Heresy Sunday” when priests and deacons do their homilies.
But, I just really wanted to share this video that a friend of mine shared over a year ago because it’s funny, at least to me.
St. Patrick has a reputation for helping spread Christianity to Ireland and is often credited with using the three-leaf clover to help explain the Trinity.
So here’s that funny video of St. Patrick attempting to explain the Trinity in various ways, but as these fine Irishmen keep pointing out, St. Patrick’s bad analogies keep falling into various heresies, haha.
– JD