4 Things Learned In College

It’s that time of year again(!) when all of your friends go their separate ways and start college here in the next month or so. It’s hard to imagine because it’s almost the end of July…

I’m just glad I’m through with undergrad, and that I’m not having to worry about the start of a new college year. But, I know that this is an exciting, nerve-racking, hopeful, and (insert emotion here) time for those who are starting college or returning back this fall.

A former student of mine has two years of college under her belt, and she recently wrote a blog post that provides some wisdom about college from her own perspective and experiences that I find to be practical, especially for her particular audience.

In a non-literal nutshell, she writes:

  1. It’s going to feel weird for the first few weeks
  2. Please, go to church
  3. College friendships are different
  4. You might not love it right away
– JD
PS I should write about my college experiences sometime…

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