My guardian angel…

…is someone that I have done a craptacular job of acknowledging or even perhaps developing a relationship with.

I mean, I’m not saying my guardian angel isn’t looking out for me. I’m certain that they are. But it’s never plainly obvious to me.

In my poor practice of being Catholic, a healthy devotion to my guardian angel has been rather lacking. For referencing sake, I’ll refer to my angel as he.

And I guess that’s why it’s cool whenever I do acknowledge my guardian angel. It’s like…I’ve ignored him so much that whenever I finally do acknowledge him, I can sense an ecstatic joy that is obvious to me that it is not from me. In other words, it’s almost as if some outside joy rubs off on me and I can’t help but be happy and joyful myself knowing that I’ve acknowledged my guardian angel, and he’s like “ZOMG JD FINALLY NOTICED ME!!! EEEEEK!”

So, I’ve gotten a little better about acknowledging him today considering October 2nd is when the Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels.

-raises glass-

Here’s hoping that I don’t ignore him all the time!

I owe him so much, but I wish I knew exactly what to give him credit for.

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– JD

Guardian Angel icon // Catholic Company
Heart eyed emoji // Purseblog (what the heck…)