A Manly Michael Move

Apparently earlier this week, Michael Phelps got into some trouble. In his own words, on Facebook:

You know, maybe I’m just used to other kinds of celebrities getting into alcoholic trouble that for Michael Phelps getting into this kind of trouble seems like a non-issue. No one died, no one got hurt, but the potential for bad things could have happened.  I only know what Michael has revealed here.

I did appreciate his sincerity in how sorry he feels to have let everyone down. I mean, one does not simply be the most decorated gold Olympian and not have people look up to you. And he knows this. And that’s why I appreciate him expressing his sorrow in letting everyone down. Most famous people don’t really do that.

While stalking my News Feed, I saw this earlier today:

Wow, so it seems like he’s making steps to get some help, even at the sacrifice of swimming for a while.
That’s awesome!
And it’s awesome because he made a manly move.
What makes this manly is that he recognized he had made a mistake and that he owned up to it. Not only that, but he didn’t settle for staying that way. He recognizes that he’s got a problem within himself that needs to be fixed. He is actively trying to be a better version of himself, and not just in the pool. That’s manly.  My respect for Michael Phelps has gone way up because of this.
This resonates with me because lately I’ve been having to admit my own mistakes and own up to them. Yes, and even seeking help. It sucks. It quite humbles me, but as I’m striving to be the best version of myself, there are some things that I know I can strive to perfect and overcome. What they are, I won’t say right now, but just know that I am in a constant process of improvement in some areas of my life.
Being the best version of myself, even at the sacrifice of my ego and vices. That’s manly.
– JD
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