Going To Work On Saturday

I’m going to use this opportunity of going to work on a Saturday to make an analogy for love as I’m on my way to work this morning. Not the warm fuzzy type of love but something that gets to the heart of what authentic, true, genuine, real love is. I‘ve already had a long work week. Yet, here I am again on a Saturday morning about to put in some more hours.
I really don’t feel like going to work today because I’m tired, and I can be doing other things.
I’m not getting paid for the hours I’m putting in today so I don’t really get anything out of work today aside from productivity.
I wasn’t even techically required to go work today. I volunteered.
Perhaps authentic love isn’t dependent on what I feel like. 
Perhaps authentic love isn’t about what I get out of loving.
Perhaps authentic love isn’t such that it is required or forced, but rather a free act  of the will.
I guess I love my job. 🙂