Don’t Tell Dan Brown…

…that I’m going to an Opus Dei men’s night of recollection tonight.
That pretty much makes me one of the Werst Kafliks Evurr. Secret societies, murderous plots, misogyny, secret theological truths unearthed about Christ, beating my own self to a bloody mess, among other things in this cult-like society as presented in The Da Vinci Code.
Yep. Don’t tell Dan Brown. He might get upset and be inspired to continue Robert Langdon’s story.
I’m glad that there is such a thing as reality and that fiction is entertaining. Because! In real life, Opus Dei isn’t what Dan Brown makes it out to be.
A refutation of Dan Brown’s version of Opus Dei, by the real Opus Dei:
So for our weekly Bro Night with my housemates, we’re going to this men’s night of recollection.
I’ve been to a few Opus Dei men’s nights of recollection before. Assuming tonight will be no different, I’ll expect that we’ll be engaging in such debaucherous things as praying before the Most Blessed Sacrament (ie. the Eucharist (ie. Jesus Himself)), being led in meditations/contemplations/reflections by an Opus Dei priest, have the chance to go to Confession, attend a brief seminar on how to integrate Catholic faith and everyday life and work, and an examination of conscience as related to how well we are being the men we are created to be whether married or single.
And more praying!

Scandalous! I know! Sheesh.

“Opus Dei” means “God’s work”, which is a characterization of the founder’s ideal on how we as Catholics, especially laypeople, can glorify God through our everyday work and labor. 
Again, don’t tell Dan Brown because Opus Dei, in reality, is truly Catholic and not some false shadow of the truth.
Please pray for me as I contemplate how to better integrate my faith in my engineering work on a daily basis. And please know that I’m praying for you, too.
St. Josemaria Escríva, founder of Opus Dei and pretty cool priest, pray for us!