Total Consecration 2014: Day 6

Reading – Matthew 5: 1-12

from Pope St. John Paul II – Homily, Israel, Korazim, Mount of the Beatitudes, March 24, 2000, par. 4

I suppose that my sentiments reflect the words of Pope St. John Paul II in his homily on March 24, 2000, how

It is strange that Jesus exalts those whom the world generally regards as weak. He says to them, “Blessed are you who seem to be losers, because you are the true winners: the kingdom of heaven is yours!”

And that’s what today’s reading from Matthew is about. This is where our Lord preaches on the mountain about the beatitudes. You know, the litany of “blessed are they” lines. He speaks of the exaltation of those who are poor, but not in the material sense. Rather, the spiritual sense. It’s like He is saying I must have a poverty of spirit in order that I can enjoy the fruits and consolations of heaven! That’s so not intuitive.

But what does that mean to possess a poverty in spirit? I think it requires a deep and profound change of heart. And not just any change, but a transformation to be more Christlike. For Christ Himself not only spoke the Beatitudes, He lived them out. In fact, through His example, He IS the Beatitudes, in paraphrasing this point from Pope St. John Paul II’s same homily.

Looking at him you will see what it means to be poor in spirit, gentle and merciful, to mourn, to care for what is right, to be pure in heart, to make peace, to be persecuted.

As I journey towards consecrating myself to Jesus again, I should remember that desire to live out the Beatitudes just as He is the Beatitudes.

Living out the Beatitudes requires offering all that I have to Jesus, and consequently to Mary. All my joys and sufferings.

Today I will offer up my weakness and sufferings as a humble offering to recognize my dependence on God so in that poverty of spirit, I’ll have a profound change of heart with an intensified love for Jesus.

Totus Tuus,
– JD

Sermon on the Mount // Wikipedia

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