A Freakin’ Cool Day Job

So maybe I have a folder full of aerospace pictures I’ve gathered since college. And maybe recently, I’ve moved that folder to the cloud so I have access across all my devices, which is useful. And maybe I have Windows 8 on two computers and it lets me cycle through them on dual monitors! Spoiled, I know.

But I’ve never really thought about how these pictures get taken. Then I saw this article. I’m a fan of fighter jets because they’re just freakin’ cool. The F-35 is the newest fighter jet out there, and Liz Kaszynski gets to go up in the air and take pictures of the F-35 and other jets too! That’s so awesome!

A YouTube spot on her:
That’s just such a freakin’ cool day job. It combines two things that really resonate with me: photography that captures a sense of beauty and aerospace (fighter jets!). 
Thanks to Liz, I’m adding even more to my collection!
– JD
Original Lockheed Martin article here.

F-22s in Hawaii // Lockheed Martin