Only in the Philippines…

Only in the Philippines would you get a Catholic church featured in a McDonald’s commercial.
A translation of the Tagalog words at the end:
“This Christmas, start here each morning. Afterwards, see you later.”

A brief explanation:

“Simbang Gabi” means “Night Mass”, and it is a long-standing tradition for Filipino Catholics. It’s a series of nine days leading up to Christmas where the faithful attend Mass before the sun comes up in anticipation and preparation for Christmas as well as to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary. I guess it’s similar to the Hispanics’ tradition of Las Posadas, but with a different focus.
Simbang Gabi is actually becoming more and more popular stateside, even among non-Filipino Catholics. My former bishop was tweeting about it the other day:


My inner Filipino yearns for such a thing to be a thing here where I live.
– JD