While people-watching at the airport the other day…

Oh the gloriousness of stock photos!

… I saw something really awesome!

I was at the airport this past Saturday waiting for my grandparents, aunt, and cousin to pass through U.S. Customs. My grandparents are moving back from the Philippines, and my aunt and cousin are immigrating.

Obviously, with Customs being the way that it is, and the fact that my grandparents are advanced in age, it took a long while for them get through. My parents and I were waiting at international arrivals for a long while. Lots of Facebook Likes and some retweets while I was waiting.

Also during that time, I was watching people pass through. Lots of sweet reunions among family and friends as I waited there tapping through apps on my iPhone waiting for my own family to pass through the sliding doors.

But one reunion in particular stood out.

A mother with her twin toddlers (a little boy and little girl) passed through the sliding doors. Not even 10 feet, and they all see the father waiting at the end of the roped off area. The little girl JUMPS OUT OF THE STROLLER (it was riding low enough), AND RUNS TO THE EMBRACE AND KISSES OF HER FATHER. The little boy, who seemed a little distracted by some toy or something, took a few moments before he caught on, and he himself jumped out and ran towards his father as well.

I was just observing this from my seat off to the side. I don’t know how long the mother and children were gone and what country they flew from, but it didn’t matter. Seeing just the excitement and the love being shared and the joy being expressed seeing this father reuniting with his family speaks a very resonating truth about its goodness and beauty.

Seeing those toddlers run up to their dad was unlike anything else I had seen among children reuniting with their fathers that I saw that day.  But I can only imagine what kind of relationship the father has to his kids for them to run up to him like that. It’s awesome.

I kept thinking how I desire that type of relationship with my own (future) kids (God-willing) to have a moment just like that.

But for now, I can strive to be the best man I can be and love in authentic ways.
– JD

American Airlines Terminal 3’s Main Hall @ Chicago O’Hare // Wikipedia