Return of the Blogging

I mentioned in my last post that my life has been busy because of business trips, school, and other adventures. None of that has changed.

Me. All the time.

But not long after I decided to take a blog break, I realized that I really wanted to start blogging again. However, during this break, I jumped on migrating my blog over from Blogger to WordPress. This was probably the easiest step since it’s not that hard, actually.

The hard part came after. I did a lot of reflecting on where I wanted to go with my blog and decided that WordPress will future-proof the potential growth and development of this blog. Don’t get me wrong, Blogger is a great platform, but a part of me wanted to give WordPress a shot although I did use it previously when I was the blogger for my World Youth Day 2013 pilgrimage group in Rio De Janeiro. I quickly realized that a free WordPress account is rather limiting in customization compared to Blogger, but that’s okay. It’s a great lesson in “make the best of what I have”. Maybe in the future I’ll devote real money to gettin’ myself something nice on WordPress. Customizations, my own domain, and glorious themes–oh my!

With all that reflection, I also seriously thought about what the focus of my blog should be and how it delivers on that purpose. I thought it was fairly obvious in the previous iteration, but I stopped to consider perhaps that it would change. The answer I was left with is: not really.

My blog is a place to share how everything that I do and everything that I am is a quest to be the person that God created me to be. It’s some awkward blend of being Catholic, Filipino, having pride in my college alma mater, and a complex matrix of nerdy things. And pretty soon…travel-related things which may or may not be a sub-category of nerdy. These all contribute, in some way, to the person I’m supposed to be, as God created me to be.

Thank you dear reader for visiting my blog. With your support, I’ll strive to make my blog worth reading and hopefully deliver on these things:

  • More me, as a better taste of who I really am as a person
  • More interactive, because audience participation is quite engaging, I hear
  • More shareable and practical, but not too viral as to require a doctor (but doctors are totally allowed to read and share my blog)
  • More than me, because I’ve met some pretty awesome people in real life and I want to share their stories in addition to my own
  • Decently regular postings

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