My Favorite Catholic Photo of 2015


The picture above is my favorite Catholic photo that I’ve taken in 2015. It’s of one of my priests spending time with Christ in the Blessed Sacrament in preparation for Adoration for my parish’s high school Confirmation retreat.

For this retreat venue, we utilize a large room/auditorium. We keep the tabernacle in the chair closet because there’s no other suitable place that we can set up a chapel and secure other than one of the chair closets in this space.

As we were wrapping up setting up the room for Adoration, we had some down time. A fellow core team member called over to me to say that Father is in our chapel with the door open and how that would make a great picture.

It took me numerous tries to get this picture. It was too dark. At the time, I didn’t know how to mess with my DSLR’s settings to adjust accordingly so I was at the mercy of the camera choosing the right settings. I eventually had to sit on the floor and use my elbows on my knees for stability as well as hold my breath so that the picture didn’t turn out blurry due to the slower shutter speed because of the low light.

I really like this picture because it’s not often that I get to see a priest spend time with Jesus in an intimate setting like this. Capturing this moment was humbling, and it just speaks how this moment is everything that is good, true, and beautiful about Christ and His holy priests.

Do you have a favorite Catholic photo from this year? I’d like to hear from you!