Austin to San Antonio

8:55AM Sunday December 27, 2015 (time of writing)

Last night in Austin, I had to move again because more new passengers showed up in Austin. I sat next to the grandmother of the Five Guys family from earlier in the day yesterday. 

I went down to the cafe on the lower level of the lounge car. There, I enjoyed microwaved cheeseburger and white cheddar popcorn. I decided not to do dinner reservations this time.

We finally arrived in San Antonio at like 8:30PM last night, but I didn’t realize that Amtrak circles around downtown San Antonio slowly for like an hour. I guess we were running ahead of schedule and stopped at the normally scheduled arrival time of 9:55PM.

I also didn’t realize that we would have four hours between arrival and departure. Fortunately, San Antonio Station is only a fifteen minute walk from the River Walk. So, I obviously had to go.

I was actually here back in September when a buddy of mine and I used our nonrev standby flying privileges to do a downtown San Antonio day trip. Because I only saw it during the day, it was pretty cool to check out downtown and the River Walk at night with the Christmas decorations still up.

I haven’t done a good job of studying the schedule for stops, but it’s good to know that some stops have opportunities to explore for a bit. Although, San Antonio has the longest layover for this trip.

I grabbed some McDonald’s fries and a drink to go on the way back. 

When I neared the station, a young Chinese woman stopped me asking where the nearest hotels were. I figured that she was Chinese because she asked me if I spoke Chinese. Lo siento, pero no sé. She had just arrived via Amtrak from Los Angeles. I pointed out some of the nearby hotels within visual range, but ultimately escorted her to the Best Western next to the station. After she went in, I headed back.

When I arrived at the station, I didn’t realize they had been working on switching train cars so I didn’t immediately find my car. I awkwardly stood around for a bit and even awkwardly walked around the train that connected in front of my car. I eventually found it, and got ready for bed.