Ft. Worth to Austin

2:36PM Saturday December 26, 2015

I initially sat by myself, but the conductor called for solo travelers to sit together so that families can sit together. I didn’t mind, so I nonchalantly went across the aisle to join a guy very engrossed in Clash of Clans on his phone. During a break between rounds, I had the opportunity to meet him. He was real nice and asked about my final destination so I told him. Because of my long trip, he offered one of his ham sandwiches. I didn’t take it, but I appreciated the consideration. He made his way to the sightseeing car because it was warm in our car.

The family who replaced me in my initial seat brought Five Guys so it smelled like hamburgers and French fries for a good long while.

Restrooms are difficult on trains. ‘Nuff said. In Japan, it’s easier to use a restroom on 180MPH train than on this however-fast-it’s-going-but-it-ain’t-Japan-bullet-train-fast train.

I took an opportunity to go down to the lounge car at the suggestion of the guy sitting next to me. I didn’t think to grab a picture then, but I will later. I found a seat facing the right side of the train.

I brought my Kindle with me to continue reading the adventures of Tris and her band of survivors in Insurgent (I read Divergent on my last trip to Japan). I couldn’t focus on reading because I kept staring out the window. Nothing out of the ordinary. Lots of cows, goats, trees, fields, and pastures. Because you know, it’s Texas. I swear I just saw that same goat 256 fields ago…

I thought about how cool it is to be up in the air in an airplane and see the world from the sky. However, there is a lot going on here on the ground, even as it whizzes by. I thought back to my experience driving to/from Colorado earlier this year for a snowboarding trip and how creation is beautiful because it points back towards its Creator. I’m sure I’ll be staring out the window a lot whenever it’s daylight.

After a while of staring and “reading”, I decided to head down to the cafe and grab a bottle of water. I sat around some more, but it started to rain as we hit the first wave of thunderstorms rolling through the area. We eventually had to stop for a while because the weather got pretty bad.


View from the back the train

I busted out my (actual and not smartphone) camera to make it more accessible to take pictures later. Who knows what Kodak kaliber pictures I’ll get to take along the way!