Los Angeles to San Diego

7:40AM PST Tuesday December 29, 2015 (time of writing)

Riding the Pacific Surfliner was pretty good. Since it’s not really an overnight train, the seats are a little less comfortable and are pitched slightly shorter (pitch, in regards to seats, is the distance between the same point on two seats) than the Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited that I took to California.

The ride down the coast wasn’t that exciting initially. The train line passes through urban areas south of Los Angeles. I think the only thing that I found particularly interesting was coming up to the Anaheim stop because it’s near Angel Stadium. I tried to grab a picture, but as soon as I got my camera ready, the overpass blocked my view of the stadium. Darn.

After passing Orange County, Anaheim, Irvine or so, the track started following along the coastline. That was pretty neat.

I posted this one on Instagram:


But I like this picture that I took a lot better:

This picture turned out way better than I thought

At some point, I went down to the cafe to grab something quick to eat (pretzels and hummus) as well as a bottle of water. I realized I hadn’t been drinking a lot of water in the past day. It was pretty nice since there weren’t a lot of people on the train so I didn’t have to walk over stray feet and awkwardly stare back at people on my way back to my seat.

After finishing up my “breakfast”, I decided to change back into jeans knowing that I’ll be out and about later after arriving in San Diego.

Honestly, this ride between Los Angeles and San Diego felt like nothing. It went by so fast. Before I knew it, I arrived at the Santa Fe Depot near downtown San Diego.

Once at the station, it took me a while to figure out the best way to get to my rental car, which was at the Hertz at the airport (SAN). I called Hertz asking if they’d send someone, but they told me they don’t. I asked the Information Desk at the station to see if there were some other means to easily get to the airport. I ultimately went for taking the metro bus to the airport ($2.25 well spent) with the intent of taking the Hertz bus from the terminal to the rental car area. I realized that the bus could have probably stopped at the rental car area because the bus passed it and there was a bus stop there, but I decided to play the slow-but-sure card and take the Hertz bus anyway.

While heading over there, I took this:


Mmm. Japan Airlines. Makes me think of all the trips I’ve taken to Japan (which I need to blog about…).

Anyway, I eventually obtained my rental car (a blue Hyundai Accent). This officially ends my #AmtrakAdventures2015.  I’m here in San Diego until Thursday morning, and I’ll share the adventures here soon–stay tuned!