008: On the Mission Field

Allie Moroney and I talk about how she implemented her faith with the game she loved to play: soccer. The discussion also goes into how she lived out her faith during college where she highlighted three things she tried to maintain. There’s one Fr. Mike Schmitz reference, so that’s cool. And quotes of Scripture and saints, but we didn’t exactly from where. Oh and some praise and worship music.

Towards the later half of our discussion, she talks about three tips to share with the rest of us.

Show highlights:

  • Graduation and Euro-summer
  • How we know each other
  • Origin story and call to mission
  • 3 Things in college
    • Respect
    • No hiding from self
    • Prayer and the Sacraments
  • Advice
  • Where to follow

You can follow Allie on her blog: alliemoroney.wordpress.com

Show references:

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