006: Our Longing for the Eternal

Perhaps you follow me on social media or on my blog and know that I occasionally ask for prayer requests whenever I go on a pilgrimage. I’ve been fortunate enough to go on multiple pilgrimages over the past several years, and I have one person to thank for introducing me to the notion of pilgrimaging.

My guest in this podcast is Jason. He led both World Youth Day pilgrimages and several of the March for Life pilgrimages that I have been a part of. We talk about what pilgrimages are, and we share various experiences from those pilgrimages to further talk about the sorts of lessons we can learn from them.


  • Catch up, no coffee, and I’m not two best friend white guys who do Catholic podcasting
  • What is a pilgrimage?
  • Beware of what pilgrimage company you use
  • God desires us to be saints
  • What is the March for Life pilgrimage?
  • Crazy story from a priest ordination pilgrimage in NYC
  • Crazy story from visiting famous staircase in New Mexico
  • What was the World Youth Day 2016 pilgrimage? and highlights?
  • Bishop stayed and a papal drive by happened
  • Holy doors
  • My recent Nagasaki pilgrimage
  • What can we learn from pilgrimages?

Jason and his wife, Becky, run the Three to Get Married podcast, which I also mentioned in Episode 001! Check ’em out!

Jason also chats it up with other youth ministers in the Catholic Youth Ministry podcast. Also check it out!

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