March for Life 2016

I’ve related this story to multiple people prior, during, and after this particular trip. And they think me crazy. And I’m like “whatev”. I don’t apologize for having a sense of adventure.


Yes, on Wednesday January 20, 2016, I flew 6000 miles from Japan escaping a mild snowstorm, spent 12 hours at home in Texas to completely unpack and totally repack differently as well as nap for a few hours, hopped on a plane on Thursday January 21, 2016 to fly another 1000 miles at 6AM to Washington, D.C., walked 8 miles around town carrying everything I packed with me, went to bed, got up early on Friday January 22, 2016, marched in the cold as the most epic blizzard hit, got snowed in all weekend, dealt with flight cancellations and delays through Monday January 25, 2016, finally arrived home in my own bed at 1:00AM Tuesday January 26, 2016 and still got to work by 7:30AM. And it was totally worth it!


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