Kyoto 2016: Nishiki Market and End

February 28, 2016

After attending Mass at the Cathedral, I made my way back towards Kyoto Station. Along the way, I passed through Nishiki Market again. It was closed at the time I passed through it on my way to the Cathedral. Now, at about lunch time, the Market was bustling with people and store owners yelling across to attract customers.


Hmm, Nishiki Market…The best way I can describe it is an open-air market with a roof above it. The Market comprises several blocks. It’s like walking into an Asian grocery store back home but far more diverse in oddities and delicacies with way more people browsing around.

I merely passed through taking glances at the offerings in each store. Nothing grossed me out or shocked me because, being Asian myself and having been to Asian markets before, I’ve seen some crazy things. While I didn’t stop by to actually buy and eat something,  I was just more wow’d at the variety of things you can find and the amount of people looking around at Nishiki Market, locals and tourists alike.

After Nishiki Market, I walked a long while back to Kyoto Station. I decided to walk the rest of the way to take in more sights. Sure, it would have been a lot faster if I took the subway. If I took the subway, I wouldn’t have seen random cats chillin’ like they own the place. Multiple times.

For more information on Nishiki Market, click here.

This second trip to Kyoto was pretty awesome! I’m glad I had the opportunity to visit the various places that I was able to visit, even if it required a lot of walking, hiking up two low mountains, and not nearly enough vending machine drinks.

There are still many things to go see in Kyoto. I’m certain that I’ll have to make a return trip to Kyoto sometime in the future. 😀



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