I Am Not Prepared… Yet

I don’t feel prepared. Two weeks in Europe coming up soon for World Youth Day, and it hasn’t totally hit me yet.

I’m a little challenged since frequent trips to Japan has me focused on being prepared for such kind of trips. 

I can’t bring selfie sticks and use them at train stations…

But a two-week pilgrimage in at various locations throughout Europe culminating in Kraków for World Youth Day? That takes a different kind of preparation.

To me, a pilgrimage requires two kinds of preparations: 

  1. Material Preparation – Do I have the things I need?
  2. Spiritual Preparation – Am I actively doing something to prepare myself interiorly? i.e. Am I preparing my heart for this pilgrimage?

Considering I’m currently not in a decent position to proactively do either, I can at least start with this:

Woolite packet for the inevitable laundry I need to do.

33 Days to Morning Glory for daily meditations given by St. Louis du Montfort, St. Max Kolbe, Bl. Mother Teresa, and Pope St. John Paul II on the Virgin Mary and how she leads us closer to her Son, Jesus Christ. 

A little over one week left. x_x

But first, I need to stop being distracted and come home.

Peace be with you.