Traveling Too Much To Blog About Traveling


Gosh. I guess the last time I uploaded a blog post was when I was in Rome back in July. And I’ve done quite a bit of traveling since then.

Finishing out that World Youth Day pilgrimage was a trip to Assisi, Vatican City, Prague, Wadowice, Auschwitz, and Krakow (with in-transit visits to Frankfurt, Munich, and Brno). I’d like to return to this trip on my blog and provide some highlights. Also, for those keeping score, just a week prior to this pilgrimage, I was in Japan.

Less than a week from returning from Europe, I went to Nashville for a day. I used my dad’s flight benefits to fly with a friend of mine to visit Nashville.

A week later from my trip to Nashville, I went back to Japan for a week and a half. However, this trip concluded my monthly business trips to Japan. Womp womp. But at the same time, thank goodness! 15 trips in 16 months. Crazy.

A week and a half after Japan, I flew back to Rome for five days. At the end of my World Youth Day pilgrimage, I entertained the idea of coming back to Rome for the canonization of Mother Teresa. Ultimately, the logistics were easy, and I used miles/points to take care of airfare and hotel. Very awesome trip.

One week after the trip to Rome, I spent the weekend in Oklahoma. Some older men from my parish gather annually with this tradition of carrying a large wooden cross for 20 miles to a Benedictine monastery located in the middle-of-nowhere Oklahoma. And I joined them this time. Brutal, but so worth it.

One month later after Oklahoma, I flew to Sydney, Australia to visit family. I’m currently writing from Australia. When this trip is done, I would have spent here 11 days. Wow Sydney has a lot of things to see and do, but difficult to fit it all in.

So as you can see… it’s been particularly ridiculous since the beginning of July. And it’s been amazingly awesome to experience everything that I’ve been able to experience over the past few months. And I’d like to share the highlights with you.

It’s just…

I’ve been traveling too much to be blogging about traveling. Obviously my backlog grew quite a bit… Between trips, I spend my time putting my life at home back together and fulfilling obligations. And I have many of those.

I suppose the easiest way to see what I’ve seen is to check out my Insta: @r4nd311

At least I’m fairly consistent in posting there (because posting Instagram photos with captions is a lot faster…).

Sorry for the silence.