007: It’s All Up in the Air

Brendan and I talk about our ability to fly non-revenue standby, which basically allows us to fly for “free” or “really cheap” by taking available seats on flights. We’ve been able to to enjoy this privilege growing up since our dads work for the airlines.

One day, while I was in-between trips to Japan, Brendan and I decided to combine our non-rev powers and go somewhere together. Since going on such a trip for the first time, we’ve turned these adventures into pilgrimages of sorts getting to experience the Church everywhere we’ve gone. From that, we also talk about important life lessons we’ve learned from traveling in this way.

Show highlights:

  • How we know each other
  • Traveling due to family
  • Non-rev Adventure #1 – San Antonio, TX
  • Non-rev Adventure #2 – Philadelphia, PA
  • Non-rev Adventure #3 – Nashville, TN
  • Non-rev Adventure #4 – Washington, DC AND San Diego, CA in the same weekend
  • Lessons we learned
  • Special shout outs/interruptions:
    • Brody, Brendan’s sisters new dog
    • My hotel maid
    • Brendan’s sister

I apparently blogged about our first adventure. You can read about that here.