010: “Jesus Said Follow Me”, From Baptist to Catholic

In this week’s episode, I chat with my friend Callie about her conversion story. I’m fascinated by adult converts since I’m a cradle Catholic. She shares her story from Baptist to Catholic, including how primary sources helped along her way back home to the Church.

Show highlights:

  • How we know each other
  • What was her upbringing like
  • How she dealt with difficulties
  • Four words that summarizes it all
  • What attracted her to Catholicism
  • How has being Catholic helped her relationship with Christ
  • How is she pursuing Christ these days
  • Social media/where to follow

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009: Pilgrimage Recap – Nagasaki, Japan

Since I didn’t have a guest for this episode, I decided to recount some of my experiences going on a pilgrimage to Nagasaki, Japan. I wanted to learn more about St. Paul Miki and his Companions since they were martyred in Nagasaki.

Show highlights:

  • Re-intro to my podcast and what “En Fuego” means
  • Why Nagasaki
  • How I traveled to Nagasaki
  • What I did in Nagasaki
    • 26 Martyr’s Hill (monument, museum, and church)
    • Nakaramachi Church
    • St. Max Kolbe’s friary/Hongochi Church/Marian grotto
    • Atomic Bomb Museum
    • Memorial Peace Park
    • Urakami Cathedral
    • Inasayama
    • Oura Church
    • Glover Garden
  • Reflections on this pilgrimage

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008: On the Mission Field

Allie Moroney and I talk about how she implemented her faith with the game she loved to play: soccer. The discussion also goes into how she lived out her faith during college where she highlighted three things she tried to maintain. There’s one Fr. Mike Schmitz reference, so that’s cool. And quotes of Scripture and saints, but we didn’t exactly from where. Oh and some praise and worship music.

Towards the later half of our discussion, she talks about three tips to share with the rest of us.

Show highlights:

  • Graduation and Euro-summer
  • How we know each other
  • Origin story and call to mission
  • 3 Things in college
    • Respect
    • No hiding from self
    • Prayer and the Sacraments
  • Advice
  • Where to follow

You can follow Allie on her blog: alliemoroney.wordpress.com

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007: It’s All Up in the Air

Brendan and I talk about our ability to fly non-revenue standby, which basically allows us to fly for “free” or “really cheap” by taking available seats on flights. We’ve been able to to enjoy this privilege growing up since our dads work for the airlines.

One day, while I was in-between trips to Japan, Brendan and I decided to combine our non-rev powers and go somewhere together. Since going on such a trip for the first time, we’ve turned these adventures into pilgrimages of sorts getting to experience the Church everywhere we’ve gone. From that, we also talk about important life lessons we’ve learned from traveling in this way.

Show highlights:

  • How we know each other
  • Traveling due to family
  • Non-rev Adventure #1 – San Antonio, TX
  • Non-rev Adventure #2 – Philadelphia, PA
  • Non-rev Adventure #3 – Nashville, TN
  • Non-rev Adventure #4 – Washington, DC AND San Diego, CA in the same weekend
  • Lessons we learned
  • Special shout outs/interruptions:
    • Brody, Brendan’s sisters new dog
    • My hotel maid
    • Brendan’s sister

I apparently blogged about our first adventure. You can read about that here.