With The End Game In Mind


One of the many video games I enjoy playing is Skyrim. It’s the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series of role-playing video games, but I’ve never played any of the previous ones. I hear they’re amazing and epic in their own right.

Skyrim puts the player in the Fine Boots of the Dragonborn. Dragons have reappeared in the land, and it’s up to the player to guide the Dragonborn through the wilds, depths, heights, and settlements of Skyrim to figure out why dragons have reappeared and to put a stop to them. What makes the Dragonborn the Dragonborn is the ability to learn, use, and absorb dragon powers! Along the way, the Dragonborn can partake in other adventures to further develop other skills and pursue other experiences. It’s pretty vast to describe here, but that’s the general idea.

As with any role-playing game (RPG), character development is key. In Skyrim, you can develop your Dragonborn’s array of weapon skills, armor skills, magic skills, and other practical skills. No nunchuck skills, however. A lot of nerdy players focus on their stats, skills, and equipment for the end of the game. This can be a big deal because focusing on an awesome character is a lot of work, especially for Skyrim.

In playing Skyrim, I’ve done some research on the best light armors in the game. By research, I mean Skyrim wikis and YouTube videos. I haz a Wood Elf Archer/Conjurer, and Light Armor is conducive to characters possessing non-melee and non-magical attack skills. To get some of the best light armors in the game requires a pretty high Smithing skill in order to create those light armors. If I wanted to really focus on my end game in Skyrim, I’d need to spend the time to collect the necessary materials and develop my Smithing skill. All this amidst slaying dragons and raising my Archery and Conjuring skills to max. Alas, I tend to get distracted by other such quests as becoming the master thief, the master archmage, master assassin, becoming a werewolf, unbecoming a werewolf, building my own house, and adopting kids. You know, the usual Skyrim-ish things. I don’t have a high Smithing skill currently. One day.

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